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With on-site leadership programs and coaching for entrepreneurs, executives and organizations who want to be more inclusive, collaborative and effective.

Discover a new leadership mindset

Successful business leaders know that they need to evolve with the times. That means embracing new ideas, fostering inclusivity and building a culture that encourages personal (and profitable!) growth.

Our executive training programs help identify where you want to go, and give you the tools to get there. Our unique approach starts by building a personal connection. Instead of telling you what to improve, we help you recognize and acknowledge areas of resistance. From there, we develop a new leadership mindset that enables employees of all backgrounds to feel safe and empowered. The end result? A business environment built for creativity and effective collaboration.

What can the Center for Inclusive Leadership help you achieve?

Retain & unlock talent

Stand out in a competitive job market by putting values like inclusivity front and center. Make sure both men and women thrive and can be their authentic selves in your workplace.

Nurture new leadership

Break free from hierarchy-based leadership and be inspired to deal with today’s challenges in a more effective way. Gain the self-confidence to lead from a place of trust instead of fear.

Growth beyond revenue

Giving your employees a safe space to express themselves will result in unexpected ideas and solutions – leading to new opportunities for growth that address far more than profit alone.


Harnessing the power of feminine energy

The Center for Inclusive Leadership was founded with the goal of creating more effective leaders. We believe that it starts with inclusivity. But our approach to inclusivity comes from the unique insight that all of us contain masculine and feminine energy, regardless of which gender we most closely identify with.

Our vision is to help executives restore and honor their feminine energy, creating a more effective and fulfilling approach to leadership. We help leaders to embrace “conflicting” qualities like strength and vulnerability, decisiveness and compromise, allowing them to flourish, grow and gain a completely new perspective on their situation.

Our approach

Click on the icons below to view the different phases of our approach. 


Phase 1:

We sit down together to get a clear vision on the scope, as well as your ambitions and objectives.


Phase 2:

Analysis. We assess your current situation and advise you on potential focus areas and next steps.


Phase 3:

Custom program design. Together, we design a program that fits your needs and the objectives of your organization.


Phase 4:

Embedding. We identify all relevant stakeholders, develop the story and activate them as sponsors.


Phase 5:

Check in with the participants of the program to ignite their commitment and accountability.


Phase 6:

Roll out.It’s hard work, but we take an out-of-the-ordinary approach.


Phase 7:

Reflection. What’s been discovered and what has changed? And what issues are we still wrestling with?


Phase 8:

Let’s stay connected. We offer a variety of modules to anchor, maintain and strengthen the key learnings in the following months and years.

Throughout the process we continuously monitor how things are going. If necessary, we’ll make adjustments along the way to ensure we achieve the required results and stay firmly connected to reality.

Experts in professional development

Our team takes pride in offering effective programs designed to address your specific needs. When you work with the Center for Inclusive Leadership, you’ll have access to:

  • 1.

    A complete solution

    Our team of associates covers all the essential angles with expertise on connected leadership, awareness growth, inclusivity, influence, negotiations, crisis management and communication. This allows us to offer a complete training solution for your unique development needs.

  • 2.

    Business + psychological expertise

    There’s a difference between knowing something academically and having your feet in the dirt. Our professionals have years of practical leadership experience in corporations, government organizations and NGOs, as well as specific expertise in personal and professional development and guiding change processes.

  • 3.

    Experts in female leadership

    We have a passion for empowering female leaders. Over the past six years, we have coached and trained more than 300 mid and C-level female managers, entrepreneurs and independent consultants.


Are you ready to shift your perspective?

Additional possibilities just for women

The above programs are designed for participants just from your company. If you're looking for female-specific leadership programs that unite women from a variety of organizations, visit Women's Development Boutique.

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